Welcome To Transforming Lives where YOU are our passion!

Welcome to Transforming Lives where transforming your anger, fear, resentment, sadness, guilt, self doubt, lack of confidence, and any other limiting emotion you can think of into joy, trust, contentment, forgiveness, acceptance, courage, understanding and any other wonderful feeling you can imagine is our passion!


You are a magnificent human being! It is your birth right to express this! We at Transforming Lives have awakened, through our own life experiences, the process to transforming any thought outside your magnificence into your magnificence!


Awakening through the mind, body and spirit is about reconnecting to our higher self, our magnificent self. It requires embracing the necessary changes in your thought patterns and belief systems which support consistent sustainable transformation of your life into a life you love to live.


Imagine what your life would be like free of fear, worry, anxiety, guilt, uncertainty, doubt, limiting beliefs and any other obstacles that get in your way of expressing your magnificence.


It would be A life, YOUR life filled with love, joy, contentment, passion, inspiration, vitality, peace, abundance, nurturing relationships, purpose, prosperity and any other wonderful feeling you wish to experience.


Transforming Lives will never entertain the energy of judgment or criticism. We are committed to expressing unconditional love and acceptance no matter where you are in life. We know that love is the answer to all things. Transforming Lives is pure love ready and willing to embrace you fully and completely within our love.


It is our mission to walk along with you, to encourage and support you on this journey to self discovery while creating a safe space to allow you to unfold. We like to think of our services as embracing you in the feathers of the angels as we gently assist in the transformation of you into the magnificence you.


If you are ready to step into your magnificence, ignite a strong belief in yourself, and discover the essence of the true authentic you, I invite to make yourself at home in our community as you discover our site and choose where is the best place for you to begin your journey with us. Our hearts are open to receiving you as together we expand into our magnificence!

With infinite love and blessings,
Kamy Lavanchy


Founder of Transforming Lives



I have Faith in the Universe
Confidence in Myself
Love, Joy and Freedom in My Life